Friday, March 15, 2019


There are so many writing cliché's out there to describe common objects.  In my first writing class we were tasked with writing a few paragraphs about a Candle using words that aren’t usually used to describe one.  

Creative and specific descriptions make a clearer picture and interesting writing.  I also love to make inanimate objects characters, it’s a thing.  So, this is my homework for that assignment:

You amaze me. You are serene, quiet, relaxing and soft. Yet your flame has the power to destroy. It is also so sensitive; standing there straight and at attention one moment, wavering and bopping the next. Any variation in the air and it flickers in one direction or the other.

As I watch this interaction of wind, flame and heat, my eyes get heavy and the wax begins to melt. I melt into my chair and the stress of the day goes away. I guess your power to destroy worked on that, and I thank you.


SolRai said...

Nice poem, Fire �� relaxes me as well

Chabes said...

Very nice... well done. ��